Why has NCAB Group introduced a whistleblowing function?

NCAB Group are introducing a whistleblowing function to enable the reporting of irregularities such as corruption, bribery and conflicts of interest. The purpose is to have an open and secure internal channel for those who suspect maladministration; to quickly learn of misgivings; to increase public confidence and NCAB Groups credibility both internally and externally.

What is Interactive Security’s role?

Interactive Security acts as an external agent for NCAB Groups whistleblowing function. Interactive Security receives and records all cases so that the complainant is able to remain anonymous and acts as a communication channel between investigators and informants. Interactive Security does not, however, investigate the complaint.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be made by anyone who has witnessed a suspected incident at NCAB Group. You can be an employee, supplier, customer or an unrelated person.

What can be reported?

A whistleblowing function is for detecting serious irregularities. This could be, for example, illegal activities, financial fraud, bribery or corruption, conflicts of interest, serious impacts on the lives and health of individuals and serious impacts on NCAB Groups vital interests. The information that comes in via the system may contain sensitive personal information. Current legislation contains rules for how such sensitive personal data may be handled. Processing requires strong grounds. If such strong grounds are not available, the personal data cannot be retained.

What cannot be reported?

A whistleblowing function does not cover, for example, bullying, alcohol or drug problems, less serious issues related to working environment, or other issues that must be reported and handled via NCAB Groups regular reporting routines.

Who can be reported?

A whistleblowing function can only be used to report suspected irregularities that apply to persons in leading positions or persons in key positions within the organization.

Who will investigate my complaint?

All complaints are initially assessed by NCAB Groups investigative team. An investigation can subsequently be initiated either internally or externally depending on the nature of the case.

How is my contact information handled?

If you choose to leave your contact details, Interactive Security has secure and clear procedures for how they are handled. Your contact details will not be passed on to NCAB Group without your express permission. Your contact information is used to enable Interactive Security to communicate with you as an informant and ask supplementary questions about the investigation and give you feedback.

Can I be anonymous?

You can of course remain completely anonymous when you submit your complaint. In such circumstances, we recommend that you log on to the reporting page yourself for updates on your case or contact Interactive Security for assistance.

Can I get updates on my case?

To get information about your case, click on the "Follow up your case”-button on the home page. In order to gain access to the status updates, you must have your case number and your verification code that you receive when you submit your complaint. You can also call Interactive Security on +46 (0) 770 XXX XX XX if you need help.

How do I submit my complaint?

    There are four ways to submit your complaint:

  • You can complete the prepared questionnaire.
  • You can call Interactive Security 08:00-16:30 on weekdays. Tel +46 (0) 770 1770 15.
  • You can send an email to Interactive Security at: ncabgroup@whistleblower.se
  • You can send your complaint by mail to the following address:

    Interactive Security International AB
    "NCAB Group"
    Norrgatan 10
    432 41 Varberg
  • Can I receive help when submitting my complaint?

    Interactive Security is not an advisor but acts with your well-being in mind and can provide support if needed for those who submit their complaint by phone.